Perth Scorchers
Sydney Sixers
Perth Scorchers vs Sydney Sixers Prediction, Final BBL 2021/22 – Who Will Win Today’s Match?
28 Jan 2022, Marvel Stadium, Big Bash League 11
Perth Scorchers win by 79 runs

Today Match Prediction

Prepare yourself for an unrivaled and in-depth today match prediction and cricket betting tips on every IPL, T20i, ODI, and test matches. Cricket Betting will do all the hard work looking into the statistics of each team and the individual players.

You will be able to use this information to formulate match outcome bets and individual player bets like Man of the Match.

Perth Scorchers to BBL 11 @2.62

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Today Cricket Match Prediction Tips

Today Match Toss Prediction

Despite the random nature of a coin toss, predicting who will win the coin toss is a big deal. For each match we cover in our today match predictions, we will also cover the today match toss prediction.

As an interesting side note, the value of winning the toss is statistically significant, which means winning the toss does influence the match result.

Our latest prematch today match prediction, including team lineup, team news, betting tips and who will win!

Cricket Betting

In addition to historical analysis, we will issue the top betting tips for each match, such as Man of the Match, top home batsman, top bowler, and winning margin.

A prominent fixture in the cricket calendar is the Indian Premier League; we have chosen to dedicate a large part of the Cricket Betting site and resources to covering the greatest T20 tournament in the world – the IPL.

Before each IPL match, Cricket Betting will publish our expert today IPL match predictions.

You will find detailed summaries of the 8 IPL teams; Chennai Super Kings, Delhi Capitals, Kings XI Punjab, Kolkata Knight Riders, Mumbai Indians, Rajasthan Royals, Royal Challengers Bangalore, and Sunrisers Hyderabad.

These summaries include the current team roster, team value, season results, overall stats, team owners, and comprehensive head-to-head matches analysis. Providing in-depth analysis, the head-to-head reviews are an excellent resource for our IPL today match predictions.

If you want to know which player is likely to end up with the most wickets, runs, catches, we’ve got you covered—additionally, the history of their performances at specific cricket stadiums/grounds and opposition teams.

For example, if we were to provide a today match prediction for a match between CSK vs. MI in the latter stages of IPL 2020, we would look at: team selection, individual player form, team performance, weather, pitch history, past performances between the two sides and much more. All of which makes Cricket Betting a trusted and reliable source for your today’s cricket prediction.

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Cricket Betting

Who Will Win Today Cricket Match Prediction

It is no surprise many readers search for the ultimate answer to the ultimate question, “who will win today cricket match prediction”?

Cricket is a unique sport in online sports betting as the format of the game dictates multiple outcomes that you can place bets on. The most obvious bet to place a stake on is the overall outcome of the cricket match.

As with any sport, the result of a cricket match can go against the statistics evidence from past results. It’s not just a matter of looking and the previous head to head and expecting the same result. Sometimes, one team just woke up on the right side of the bed or just an element of luck.

Nevertheless, there is always a pattern and a way to give yourself the chance to make the best decision. However, you would need to spend hours researching and keeping yourself constantly in the loop with the cricketing world, that’s where Cricket Betting steps to do all the hard work for you and provide you with a match prediction of who will win today.

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Today Cricket Match Prediction – Our today’s match prediction is provided well in advance of any upcoming matches. This gives you an ample amount of time before a game is underway. Nevertheless, thanks to the growth of live betting in cricket. With more and more online sportsbooks growing in India from globally recognized brands such as Betway, offering welcome bonuses up to ₹2500, giving plenty of keen cricket bettors the chance to dive into cricket betting with ease.

Winning the toss is statistically significant on the outcome of the match

Cricket Betting

The West Indies captain is on a hot streak winning 10 out of the last 12 coin tosses

Cricket Betting

The coin toss odds generally range from 1.83 to 1.93

Test Match Toss Prediction

Let’s take a look at the results based on the coin toss for test matches from November 2017 to November 2021.

What does the captain do when winning the coin toss?

  1. India will always bat first when wining the toss
  2. The West Indies chose to bat 29% and New Zealand chose to bat 27% of the time when winning the toss
  3. A captain winning the coin flip with opt to bat 68% of the time
Won TossLost Toss
Batting1st2ndTotal% Bat 1st1st2ndTotal% Bat 1st Total Matches
New Zealand4111527%661250%27
South Africa81989%3161916%28
Sri Lanka1341776%2141613%33
West Indies6152129%36933%30
Total Matches904313368%409313330%266
Test match results based on the coin toss from November 2017 to November 2021

Does the coin toss make a difference?

  1. When the home side won the coin toss and sent the opposition in, they gained a 2% advantage.
  2. When the home side lost the coin toss, batting first is better by 5%.
  3. The West Indies are the most successful coin flippers with a 70% coin toss win.
  4. Indian captain Virat Kohli has only won the toss 32.5% since November 2017.
  5. South Africa needs to win the toss – and to a lesser extent, India. South Africa winning the toss and winning the match is 77.8% versus losing the toss and winning the match at only 36.8%.
  6. Winning the toss proved virtually insignificant for Australia (+3.3% advantage), England (-1.7%), New Zealand (0%) and West Indies (0%)
  7. In 1235 test matches between 1977 and 2020, the home side winning the coin toss won 44.27% of the matches; when the home side lost the coin toss, they won 38.57% of the tests.
TeamToss ResultMatchesWon MatchLost MatchDrew MatchTotal Matches
New ZealandWon151023
South AfricaWon9720
Sri LankaWon17584
West IndiesWon217131
Test match results based on the coin toss from November 2017 to November 2021

*W&W denotes winning the toss, winning the match, L&W is lost the toss and won the match, and so forth.

Span 2017-2021MatchesToss Win %W&WL&WW&LL&LW&DL&D
New Zealand2755.6%66.7%66.7%13.3%25.0%20.0%8.3%
South Africa2832.1%77.8%36.8%22.2%63.2%0.0%0.0%
Sri Lanka3351.5%29.4%25.0%47.1%37.5%23.5%37.5%
West Indies3070.0%33.3%33.3%61.9%44.4%4.8%22.2%
Matches are against all test playing sides since Novermber 2021

Is there a statistical advantage to winning the toss?

There is a statistical advantage of 6% in winning the toss for test matches.

Cricket Betting
  1. Winning the toss provides a 6% advantage.
  2. For India, the advantage is 21%.
  3. For South Africa winning the toss is a remarkable 41% advantage.
Won TossLost Toss
Match Result% WonToss Advantage% Not Lost% Won% Not Lost
New Zealand67%0%87%67%75%
South Africa78%41%78%37%37%
Sri Lanka29%4%53%25%63%
West Indies33%0%38%33%56%
Total Matches49%6%62%43%59%

The West Indies captain has won 12 coin tosses in a row!

Cricket Betting

Today’s IPL Match Toss Prediction

The flip of a coin really should be a random event. However, it does seem some Captains just know how to win the match toss. To get a better idea of who might just win the match toss Cricket Betting has crunched the numbers from the 2021 India Premer League. IPL 2021 involved 60 fixtures spread across Chennai, Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Delhi, Dubai (DSC), Abu Dhabi and Sharjah.

TeamBat 1stBat 2ndMatches Won% Won
CSK *1061169%

What does the IPL captain do when winning the coin toss?

  1. 73% of captains elect to field first
TeamElected To Bat First Elected To Field First% Field First
CSK24 67%
Grand Total164473%

What do the statistics say about the coin toss in the IPL?

  1. CSK won all matches in which MS Dhoni won the toss
  2. SRH, on the otherhand lost all matches in which they won the toss
  3. Punjab have won 60% of matches in which KL Rahul wins the too
  4. Captains winning the toss, won the game 58% of the time.
  5. Most teams continue to elect to field first.
  6. No team gained an advantage by batting first
TeamElected To Bat First
(Matches Won)
 Elected To Field First
(Matches Won)
% Field FirstWon Toss & Won% Won Toss & Won
CSK2 (2)4 (4)67%6100%
DC1 (1)7 (6)88%788%
KKR1 (0)7 (4)88%450%
KXIP1 (0)4 (3)80%360%
MI3 (2)5 (4)63%675%
RCB4 (2)6 (4)60%660%
RR1 (0)7 (3)88%338%
SRH3 (0)4 (0)57%00%
Grand Total16 (7)44 (28)73%3558%

How Does The Pitch Report Affect Our Match Prediction?

The cricket pitch report is one of the most vital pieces of information needed to formulate an accurate match prediction. The same batting side could score 300+ or less than 100 in an ODI, depending on the pitch. The state of the pitch will depend on whether the winner of the coin toss will bat first or bowl first. Let’s discuss the main types of cricket pitches.

green pitch, otherwise know as a seamer’s pitch has a little more grass than usual or is a little moister. The green pitch favours bowlers and can behave highly erratically. Winning the toss would almost always call for the opposition to bat first.

Hard bouncy cricket pitches like those in Australia help the ball fly off the surface at pace and good bounce. The WACA pitch in Perth is considered to be one of the fastest tracks in test cricket. Terrorizing batters, many bowlers have battered batters unable to cope with its bounce and pace. These pitches tend to play well in the first few days and suit batting first. They also tend not to suit spin bowlers.

spinners cricket pitch becomes worn and dusty – as in many Indian pitches. As the game progresses to the 4th innings of a five-day test match, a straightforward 250 run target on day one can be impossible on day 5. A spinners pitch will help slow bowlers far more than pace bowlers.

Each of Cricket Betting’s match predictions will discuss the pitch report and the thoughts of the captains and commentators. 

Cricket Betting is the place to find live odds comparison, match predictions for T20s, Test Matches and ODIs.

Cricket Betting

Pitch Report Today Match Prediction

Should I Use Paul The Octopus Prediction For Today Match?

When researching the best match prediction tips, our team found some weird and wonderful ideas. One such predictor is Paul the Octopus. Paul famously predicted 8 out of 8 2010 Football World Cup matches.

Unfortunately, Paul died in a tank in 2010, having retired with a perfect 100% match prediction record. But fear, not friends, replacing Paul with other delicious eight-legged cephalopods is quite the rage.

In the 2018 Japan World Cup, Rabio the Octopus correctly predicted all of Japan’s group stage games. He then made a tasty entrée at the local fish restaurant. We expect another eight-legged match predicting guru in time for the next cricket world cup. When we find the next “Paul,” Cricket Betting will live stream from their tank for the today match prediction. With a combined 100% match prediction record, following Octopus match predictions is wise.

Should I Use Today Match Prediction Astrology Charts?

Astrology is the belief that the alignment of stars and planets affects every person’s mood, personality, and behaviour based on when they were born. Publishers of today match prediction using astrology claim to be one of the most accurate predictors of T20 IPL, Big Bash League and other ICC games; some websites even declare their cricket predictions are 96% accurate.

We are not convinced that a player’s birth date is more important than talent, training, and hard work. Call us cynical, but unless the website editors provide third-party audited proof to back up such claims, we can’t promote the use of astrology for today match predictions.

If you still want to use astrology, we suggest you also apply other means to assess the match outcome, such as player form, ground conditions, winner of the toss (see above) and team form.

Match Prediction Today

Our match prediction today comes completely free of charge. We don’t charge anything for you to use the fruits of labour; you can use our cricket match predictions in many ways. The most common way we have seen our match prediction used is by making a more educated selection when placing bets on cricket matches, particularly on IPL matches.

It’s of no surprise that our cricketmatch predictions are used frequently, as we use facts and figures to bring you the most accurate prediction on the market today. Other than using our match prediction today for placing bets on online sportsbooks, you can use them to make your cricket fantasy teams garner as many points as possible. Like many cricket fans, Dream 11 fantasy cricket want to select the performing players for upcoming matches to win those all-important cash contests.

Today IPL Match Prediction

Each Cricket Betting match prediction will include:

  • likely team lineup
  • recent head to head statistics between the two sides
  • team form of the most recent five fixtures
  • player form guide of the best batsmen and best bowlers from each side
  • top match cricket betting tips
  • and finally a match preview
  • Click on Summary to view the match prediction, cricket odds and exclusive bets.