Cricket Betting Tips

Finding cricket betting tips can be quite an ordeal for cricket fans, as many tips online use different criteria to provide cricket betting tips.

When it comes to betting on cricket, unlike other sports, there are multiple betting outcomes. Our free tips will include match outcomes and individual player bets like highest runs scorer, batsmen scoring 50+, best bowler, the man of the match and more.

Free Cricket Betting Tips

The Cricket Betting team live, sleep and breathe cricket. We spend considerable time pouring over endless resources to find the best cricket betting tips. And truth be told we argue over which tips are the best.

Most of all, we love it when a free cricket betting tip pays off – even if it’s not our team. This is why you can count on Cricket Betting to be your trusted source for free cricket betting tips.

Today’s Tips

Our current match event top betting tips from major international tournaments and leagues.

DateMarket and MatchOddsSportsbook
15/09/2021Evin Lewis Top Batsman
St Lucia Kings vs St Kitts and Nevis Patriot, CPL Final
4.00 (3/1)Betway
15/09/2021300+ Runs in the Match
St Lucia Kings vs St Kitts and Nevis Patriot, CPL Final
1.50 (1/2)Betway
15/09/20213+ Players to Score 50+ Runs
St Lucia Kings vs St Kitts and Nevis Patriot, CPL Final
2.50 (6/4)Betway
15/09/2021SLK to Win and Gayle to Hit a Six
St Lucia Kings vs St Kitts and Nevis Patriot, CPL Final
2.4( 7/5)Betway
Odds are quote as prematch and are subject to change.

By using our cricket betting tips free of charge should only be viewed as helping step in the right direction. The overall outcome of your betting success will be determined by your skill, the ability to understand the cricket betting tips we put forward, the intricate nature of the game that is cricket and sometimes just luck.

The beauty of our cricket tips is they are provided solid and reliable information, for all types of cricket fans, whether you’re a casual cricket bettor or avid cricket bettor who follows every match religiously, which in India is a common theme. Our main focus on cricket betting tips is a hardcore focus on the IPL, international T20s, test matches and the BLL.

Unlike many online cricket betting tips you’ll find elsewhere, who class themselves as “providing cricket betting tips for every match that is in-play”, we like to take a more realistic approach and in turn more profitable for our readers. By focusing on only a few matches per day, we can utilise our resources more efficiently and bring more accurate data to our readers.

We can offer free cricket betting tips for today’s match because of our marketing partnership with the top online cricket betting sites. These sites help us generate income which means you will always receive free cricket betting tips 365 days a year. We will never charge you a subscription fee or commission for any cricket betting tips!

Boosted Markets

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Our Top 7 Cricket Betting Tips

  1. Take advantage of live betting/in play betting.
  2. Bet on players scoring 50s and 100s
  3. What are the two teams form going into the match?
  4. Was the recent opposition strong or weak? Australia or Zimbabwe?
  5. Is there a home ground advantage?
  6. Wait until the starting XI is confirmed. Changes can happen at the very last minute.
  7. Look at the weather forecast. Especially for a 5 day test. Look at player form. Cricket is a confidence game and players playing well tend to continue to do well

How To Bet On Cricket?

The following guide will help you understand how to bet on cricket. There is a wide range of available betting markets for you to maximise your returns and enhance your enjoyment. Our guide will explain the main betting markets available and any specific rules which apply to a bet. Intended for general information only this cricket betting guide; it is vital to check the specific terms and conditions of each sportsbook.

How To Bet On Cricket Match Outcomes?

Cricket match betting covers all the markets which relate to the overall outcome. Let’s go through some of the most common team betting options.

How do you bet on cricket?

  1. Visit one of our recommended cricket betting sites
  2. Register an account & choose your bonus
  3. Navigate to the match by selecting “Cricket” on Top Events or Sports (this will slightly change depending on the site).
  4. Select the match and look for “All Markets”
  5. Pick your betting market/selection
  6. Add your wager amount in the bet slip
  7. Check the odds and potential win
  8. Press “Place Your Bet/Place Bet”

To Win The Toss

The Toss Prediction bet is an extremely popular bet. Allan Border holds an Australian record for the worst ODI toss losing streak at 8. In test matches, there is a 3.6% improvement in a team winning when also winning the toss. In ODIs, its only a 1.8% advantage.

DC vs SRH, Indian Premier League 2021
22 Sep 2021, Dubai International Cricket Stadium, Indian Premier League 2021
Delhi Capitals
Sunrisers Hyderabad

Will Team Win By An Innings – Yes or no bet. England and South Africa win around 29% of matches by an innings; Bangladesh has yet to record an innings victory.

Match Bet is where you place a wager on the outcome of a cricket match.  In test match cricket the options are: home win, home loss or draw. In ODIs, T20s, T20Is or 40-over where there’s always a winner in the match it’s a home win or home loss. However, there are three exceptions:

  1. The match is incomplete due to bad weather or floodlight failure.
  2. Where the match ends in a tie and the full-time winner is decided by a super over.
  3. The game ends in a draw, and the teams share the points.

Series Winner is another outright bet in which you back a team to win the series. The series winner options are a two-way bet, home win or home loss, plus the number of home wins. In a 3-test series, the market options include; 0-0, 1-0, 0-1, 1-1, 1-2, 2-1, 2-0, 0-2, 3-0 and 0-3.

Tournament Winner is an outright bet on who will win the tournament. Will CSK win the 2021 IPL, or will it be MI?

Winning Margin bets being the difference between final scores in limited-overs matches. These bets are void if there is any reduction in the original scheduled Overs for either team such as rain-affected matches.

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How To Bet On Cricket Team Outcomes?

Most Fours or Sixes bet can either be in a series or in an individual match.

Highest Opening Partnership is another head to head bet of most runs scored and requires both sides to complete their opening partnerships. Highest opening partnership bet generally applies to the first innings only.

Most Run-Outs is the total number of team run-outs as the fielding side. South Africa tend to be the favourites owing to their superior fielding. Wasim Akram currently holds the record for a player run-out most times in ODIs, Steve Waugh has run his partner out 50s times in ODIs and since the 1999 World Cup Jayawardene has effected the most runs outs with 23. In all cricket formats, Ricky Ponty has effected 80 runs, way ahead of Jonty Rhodes on 68.

1st Innings Lead bet require both teams to be bowled out or declare their first innings for bets to be valid.

1st/2nd/3rd Over Total Runs is total runs scored during the first over of the match; for bets to stand the over must be completed. Some sportsbooks offer highest runs in other overs throughout the match as live bets.

Correct Score otherwise known as Result Betting, is a bet on the exact score of a cricket match. Generally, all bets are declared void if the number of Overs is reduced due to weather, or any other reason, from the standard scheduled number of Overs in a Twenty 20 match or any other limited Overs match.

Fall of Next Wicket market is a bet on the number of runs the batting team score as the fall or the next wicket. Bad weather ending the match will void the bet. However, if a team declares or reaches its target, the total achieved by the batting team will be the result of the market.

Fifty/Century/Double Century in the 1st Innings is for any batsman and is offered as a yes/no bet.  In limited-overs matches, the bet is deemed void if rain reduces the number of overs by 3 or more in a Twenty 20 match, and of 5 or more in other limited Overs matches.

Fifty/Century/Double Century in a match again is a yes/no bet for any batsman. The best odds for a fifty or century are in T20 matches.

First Scoring Play is the number of runs from the first scoring shot. Scoring runs from a no-ball, means extras are the winner. A four off a no-ball is “1” run.

Method of Dismissal can be 2-way – caught or not caught or 6-way: Caught, Bowled, LBW, Run Out, Stumped or Any Other (includes Sent Off/Retired Out). Bets are void if either player retires due to injury before the next wicket falls, or there are no further wickets.

Over at Fall of Next Wicket similiar to Fall of 1st wicket but you are taking a punt on the next wicket over. 

Over/Under Innings Runs betting is a bet on the number of runs in each team will score in their respective innings. For example T20 over/under bets be 180 runs or under, 181-200 and 200 runs or over. In live betting (in play betting) the innings runs betting line is continuously changing.

Most Wides being the total number of wides the bowling team sends down. The record number of wides is 13 from one over bowled by Sujom Mahmud from the Lalmatia Club. Admittedly, he bowled the wides as a protest against poor umpiring and copped a 10-year ban for his efforts. That’s an expensive over!

Runs at Fall of 1st Wicket. I n April 2017, Kolkata Knight Riders chased down 184 against Gujarat Lions, the highest target without losing a wicket.

Session Runs is a test match bet and requires a minimum 20 overs to be bowled in a session for a valid bet.

Next Over betting (Over/Under & Odd/Even) are the number of runs scored in the respective over and extras are included for settlement purposes.

Wicket 1st Over offered as a Yes/No bet. As at March 2020, 19 bowlers have taken a wicket with their first ball in a T20I career. In fact, Kasprowicz took wickets with his first two balls in T20Is.

How To Bet On Individual Cricket Player Outcomes?

Player to Score Most Sixes is offered on any of the starting 11 players. Chris Gayle has smacked 326 6s so far in his IPL career. IN 2013, in his record 175 off 66 balls against Pune Warriors India, he scored 17 6s and 14 4s. Chris Gayle has also hit 6 match 6s, 14 times.

Batsman Runs (Over/Under) is generally offered on the top 3 or 4 batsmen in the side. You bet on whether a particular batsman will score under or over a score. For example, will David Warner score more or less than 30.5 opening for SRH?

Best Batsman bet is offered in limited-overs matches.  Top match batsman can be either the entire match or just the top scorer for the home team or away team. The top match batsman odds will always be higher than the top scorer for the team as there is more competition. For example, Virat Kholi might be 3.0 to be India’s top scorer and also be 5.0 for the match top scorer featuring Steve Smith.  In the event two batsman score the same number of runs, the bet is declared a dead heat. Additionally, bets on players who are selected but do not bat or field are settled as losing bets. For top match batsman, it’s wise to bet on the first couple of batsman only.

Best Bowler if both bowlers take an equal number of wickets, then the bowler with the least number of runs conceded is deemed the best. If the bowlers take the same number of wickets and concede the same number of runs, then it’s a dead-heat. What is the dead heat rule in cricket?

Next Man Out betting is void if any not out batsman retires hurt or there is no further wickets.

How do we find the best free cricket betting tips?

When creating our free cricket betting tips, we consider many factors which ultimately affect the outcome of the overall match and individual player bets.

  1. Team Form. Each match prediction highlights the most recent five head to head results. Using team form is an exceptionally reliable indicator when applied correctly. Form can be misleading as a single indicator. We need to consider which country/ground were the recent matches, what has changed in the team since the last five matches? 
  2. Player Form. Like team form, a player form can is excellent for picking individual bets. Like many other sports, players on fire can seemingly do no wrong. Consider Quinton de Kock’s 2020 form in T20s, he scored 65 (22), 31 (15), T20 65(37) and 70 (47) against arguably the two best T20 sides Australia and England.
  3. Weather. Will it rain? Has it rained? Was it hot leading up to a test match? Will it be hot during the match? Will overcast and humid conditions assist the bowling side? Is it windy? All these questions need to be considered
  4. Team Selection. Team selection is affected first and foremost by player availability through injury. We also consider players being rest for less important matches. If a team wins a series and has a problematic upcoming series, better players are likely to be rested. Just because India has better players, doesn’t mean they will always be selected.
  5. Home and Away Advantage. Take a look at these stats since 1877.
Test TeamWin % HomeWin % Away
South Africa45%29%
West Indies36%29%
New Zealand30%15%

As a cricket betting punter, it can become overwhelming and not knowing key factors which can affect these odds, and the choices you make will be detrimental to the outcome you achieve. This is why here at, we strive to bring the best cricket betting tips by pouring over heaps of statistics and current team news to provide you with the best chance of placing a winning bet.

Moreover, our cricket free betting tips will always remain free and will never cost you any money. 

Which cricket formats do we offer free cricket betting tips?

With over 150+ international matches and 500 domestic cricket matches played each year, there is plenty of bets that you can place every day. With the most popular T20 worldwide being the IPL, we keep you in the loop of how the teams are shaping up for the upcoming season and daily match predictions.

T20 Cricket. The most popular format of Cricket Betting is on T20 cricket, which is of no surprise as the odds tend to be more profitable but also the fast pace of the gameplay adds to the excitement when placing a bet. Within T20’s we will publish T20 international betting tips, IPL betting tips, BBL betting tips along with all the major T20 leagues and tournaments.

ODI Cricket. Limited overs cricket or one day international cricket is played over one day where each team bats for up to 50 overs. Its possible to bet on over 100 individual bets for each ODI. 

Test Cricket. Test cricket covers 5 gruelling days of combat. Test matches are considered the game’s highest standard. However, many find the 5 day game boring and dull but for the purists like us there is nothing better. Test cricket offers a very diverse range of cricket betting options ranging from highest runs scorer, best bowling figures and overall match result. And, owing to two teams playing two innings per match, double the number of betting options like first innings best batsman and second innings best batsman.

Free Cricket Betting Tips For Today’s Match

It is essential to understand the Cricket Betting tip process and generation. Ask yourself, who is behind the tip, and why are they giving it out free of charge? This is why we are completely transparent and provide a detailed reason for any cricket betting tip we post. For example, a common mistake made by cricket bettors on any match or tournament is only to consider a team’s current form, this is a rookie mistake as the playing conditions and venue alone could play a huge factor in how a team performs.

If you were to bet on an international team to win the world cup based on their current form leading up to the tournament, you would not have a holistic view on what realistically the outcome of this team’s performance could be. As their experience and win to loss ratio in the host country of the tournament could be exceptional, but you ruled them out based on their previous results elsewhere.

This where our team at comes in, we do all the tedious work of looking at past data and current data to help you make a more informed decision quickly.

Come back for the next free cricket betting tip for today’s match. We will highlight the best bet of the day, best match bet and other today match prediction betting tips.

Expert Cricket Betting Tips

Although many have claimed to have expert cricket betting tips and the best resources, not all cricket betting guides are actual from expert analysts. A lot of the cricket betting guides give very generic match predictions and tend to be repetitive. This is not advantageous to any keen cricket bettor looking to get the most bang for their money when they place a bet.

Why are we one of the best cricket betting tipsters?

Our success rate is of match predictions exceeds 80%. A recent analysis of our cricket wager tips shows we predict 83% of the match results. The success is hard-fought. Our expert tipsters spend vast amounts of time and effort crunching numbers and researching important news like player injuries, weather conditions and head to head form. We aren’t going to get it right all the time by 83% is an industry high. Much of our research is derived from the cricket bookmakers themselves and we regularly liaise with the top cricket betting sites.

Betdaq Cricket Betting

Betdaq is a cricket betting exchange site where you bet against other punters on their website (it’s pretty much the same as Betfair Exchange). The Betdaw exchange offers a glimpse into how real-life punters view the outcome of any match. Unlike traditional bookmakers relying on their own statistical algorithm, the Betdaq market shows the real market. Sports market traders use Betdaq to make money on the movement in odds throughout the match. This is particularly interesting over a five-day test match. We use this information to generate a dynamic match result prediction.

Bet365 Cricket Betting

Bet365 is without question the biggest gambling company in the world. Bet365 have a treasure trove of useful resources starting with Live Streaming and Live Audio. If you place a wager on the Bet365 cricket betting site, you will be able to listen or watch live streaming of the cricket match.

The most impressive feature of bet365 cricket is the sheer number of markets on any given match. There is everything from 1st innings leading team, batsman to score most runs, double chance home team win or draw, team-first innings runs 2-way (and even 3-way), 15th over wicket yes/no and in-play options like match result. We are a big fan of the Bet365 IPL betting options too!

888 Cricket Betting

888 Cricket betting employ some thoughtful journalists who offer their take on each cricket series. The site doesn’t go into a lot of detail, but 888 Sport does offer very extensive cricket betting odds. 888 are one of the largest sports bookmakers in the world, offering you a vast selection of markets and odds. The 888Sport free bet is a great welcome bonus too.

Cricket Betting Tips Tricks

There are a few extra tricks to cricket betting. Instead of just placing a bet on which team you think will win, also check out placing a bets within the match such as the number of 6’s, 4’s, no of wides, no-balls, team totals and the list goes on and on. When high ranking teams like India or Australia face lowly opposition like Zimbabwe, match odds do not offer any value. By betting on individual players scoring 50+ or the highest number of wickets, you can you find value in an otherwise unprofitable match.

Another trick is to look out for special player promotions. Sports betting sites offer new player registration bonuses like 888’s Bet $10, Get $30, or Betway’s 100% bonus up to ₹2,500 and even NetBet’s 100% bonus up to ₹10,000 + 75 free spins. Lucky for you we have the list of the best cricket betting promotions – check out our “Online Betting” page for more information.

What are the important terms and conditions for betting on cricket?

Dead-heat rule is applied differently across sportsbooks. Some sportsbooks settle such that the payout is calculated after the odds are divided and multiplied by the stake, irrespective whether the net payout is lower than your stake – other sportsbooks payout at half the odds. If you backed Rohit Sharma at 7.0, you would be paid out at 3.5. In competitions where other means are used to determine a winner after a tie (‘Bowl out’ or ‘Super over’) then offers will be settled based on the result after such actions are completed.

Scoring bets are valid only if a minimum number of overs are bowled for the bet to stand. This applies to all the above markets. In the case of 10CRIC and bet365, the minimum number of overs to be bowled are:

  • One day International – 20 overs
  • All Domestic 40 Over Competitions – 10 overs
  • All Domestic 50 Over Competitions – 20 overs
  • All Twenty20 Cup – 6 overs
  • 10 Over Matches – 6 overs
  • Test Cricket – A minimum of 50 overs must be bowled unless All Out.

If a match is transferred to a ‘reserve’ day, all bets will remain valid.

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