The Hattrick - IPL 2024 - GT vs SRH 12th Match and DC vs CSK 13th Match Tips

Get ready for a thrilling face-off as Gujarat Titans (GT) vs Sunrisers Hyderabad (SRH) and Delhi Capitals vs Chennai Super Kings clash in the IPL 2024! Gear up or IPL 2024 with cricket experts Ed, John, Manish, and Ben. Straight talk, sharp insights and IPL predictions and tips for the double header on Sunday!

Ed Hawkins
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DC vs CSK - 13th Match - IPL 2024
DC vs CSK - 13th Match - IPL 2024

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Last Updated: 5th April 2024

Welcome to "Hattrick," brought to you by I'm your host, Ed Hawkins. This is the live weekly cricket betting show, and it's the pick of the IPL bets for a Super Sunday: Gujarat Titans vs. Sunrisers Hyderabad, and Delhi Capitals vs. Chennai Super Kings.

Our hattrick of tips this week are Manish, finding the best stats angles of winners with RCB top bat last show, and John Wright, former odds compiler. He is here, not hiding. He had a winner last week as well with Dubey for runs.

John is here, and Ben joins us again for the special angles. A double hat trick as our guys find the best betting tips for those two games.

Our bookie is 10Cric, check them out. vs. Sunrisers from. I made about on Sunday 10Cric go 1.75 GT vs. 2.15 blasters from sunrise, an incredible start, Manish. Sixes win you T20 matches; SRH is racking up incredible numbers. Uh, but again, does it make a difference? What's your view?

"Yeah, I mean, they were hitting sixes at will, and you, it was my opinion, was a perfect T20 Game, not one better doesn't get a 60 ball 100 but 3 of them, score over 200 strike, and takes a team over 250. I think it was a perfect T20 game; they hit about 18 sixes, add 15 in the first game against KKR, and they have 33 sixes in just two games. 

The problem is they also gave away 200 runs in both those games, so their bowling is what is going to determine the result of the games in the upcoming matches because their batters look well-set and very clear in their head as to what they want to do in those games."

"Yeah, John, 1.85 sunrises to go 80.5 runs in the first 10 overs, and maniac hitting from them into straight games, particularly against Mumbai. What are the bookies doing with this? They overreact, they under-react, or do we focus on what the bowlers they are facing? So I mean, Gujarat Titans, pretty cracking unit with the ball, generally, what's your view?"

"No, I think those two games as Manish says, I mean, you know, SRHs have got over 30 odd sixes, so I think the betting's got to sort of correct itself to that, in that, mostly not market, it's like most sixes, over 18s over a certain run certain amount of overs, and, and, and, and, and the sixes number I think needs to, need to equate and needs to change. 

I mean, the problem with that is SRH is going to have is that the balance of the side, you know, they need that Indian core to perform because they can only play 4 overseas, admitted the Jansen out of the bowling, and luckily, and Malik didn't bowl too badly but as Manish says, they're leaking a lot of runs. 

So if they're going to stick with those four overseas batters, that's going to be the problem, but, yeah, I mean the balance of the side, I still think they're going to be competitive, they're not might not win it, but I think they get to the playoffs but in the derivative market, especially the six hitting, I think the market needs to correct itself and maybe 10 quicker, not that quick doing that at the moment."

Ben, coming to you for match predictions and specials related to this game, something as well I've noticed in play, Heinrich Klaasen, we know he wins about 35% of the time now, I think, going off very, very short, betting lower down the order, he's got to be an In-Play option, I thought. 

Massive numbers you've got on him, top bat and that game against Mumbai was Head and Abhishek looking like they had it won before him, but any other specials or sticking out, or strategies?

"Interesting you say that because that's stood out to me on these first innings totals, you've got Travis head over 21.5 at 1.85, Klassen at the same betting odds, needs to get 23.5, Aiden Markrams in this same kind of thing, so there are some interesting ones in there. 

I mean, don't forget that the way to play this as well, if you're a new player, is to get signed up on these welcome bonuses as well, there's a hundred percent bonus from 10Cric, there's a bunch of IPL bonuses that they're on the website as well, so taking advantage of some of those, some really good bonuses that they do as well, so as you said for me, it I mean Travis had,  looking impeccable so the one that stood out for me is over over 21.5 runs at 1.85, seems to be a pretty good one. 

David Miller in there as well, he just needs to get 19 runs to get that, to me the odd seem to be around, pretty high performing batsman as was mentioned most sixes and most fours I mean, I don't know, I think I think with most sixes at 2.4 for Gujarat. 

I think that's an interesting one, they've got most falls at 1.85 by, the way sunrises are playing I think that's actually been a bit generous on them to give it short odds but, I would go with the batsmen on this one." 

It is supposed to be a good flat wicket, we're coming up to the first hat trick of the show, please, your best bet for each of you, for this one, and we're going to go to John Wright first."

"Yes, so in this game, I think it's a tough one to call, I think you know, with Gujarat home advantage, and all the most of the time things are won at the moment, so that's put what, I think in derivatives that there is the value, most sixes for Sunrise is at 1.80, I think it's the wrong price, they've got 30 sixes, over 30 sixes in the first two games, Gujarat beaten by MI in this market in their first game so that's my bet is most sixes in this game over most of the game 1.80 Sunrisers."

"Lovely stuff, Manish."

"I think I'm going to go on the similar lines but a different bet. I really like Klassen top batter at 7, Travis Head at 5.5 as well, these are good odds, but since when it comes to SRH and the total 6s is over 15 at 1.95, SRH themselves are hitting over 15 on their own, so in a game, total 6s over 15 at 1.95, I think those are good odds to go with that."

"Man has six appeal, Ben, do you have six appeals?" 

Sorry, it's Easter.

"Yeah, Shubman Gill for me, it over 131.5 runs at 1.85. I think it's a probably a low-risk, a low-risk approach to this, as I mentioned, use those bonuses, use those welcome bonuses and those team booster bonuses on the website to it, payback on that, but Mr. Gill for me, is looking very fine the last 10 matches are awesome, yeah, and Gill extremely reliable 30% win rate on top back.

I think our bookie this week is 10Cric, check out 10cr10 to have a look at some of those boosters & bonuses that Ben's talking about, do give us some love on the podcast provider of your choice, hit the subscribe button if you're watching on YouTube and just tell everybody about it this is the IPL betting show which comes back every week for the best bet on the IPL. 

We were going to go on to another game now it's game two Delhi Capitals vs Chennai Super Kings 10cric go 2.10 Delhi Capitals and 1.75 Chennai aiming to give you all the info as quickly as possible on the hat trick but we do have some new venue to look at now Manish this is at this Vizag at possible betting trends for an IPL venue we don't often see."

"Yeah, so there have been four T20 internationals here before this, um, three of which have been won by the team batting second. It's not a high-scoring ground, or an economy of around 8, so I would say a 170 is for a total. 

Spinners do come into play; Ashwin has a 4 for 8 here against Sri Lanka, so I and runs for Wicket around 20, so not a very high-scoring round, helps spinner which will which will which will be an advantage for CSK going in with multiple spinners at this venue, so I think DC will have a tough time winning their first game against CSK on Sunday."

"Yeah, John, I was expecting Chennai to be shorter here. I mean, I remember the days when Chennai was going off at 1.65 pretty steadfast. That these days in T20 franchise, ladies, you don't see that very often. I thought they'd be 1.70, shorter than that maybe. Delhi has lost twice; they should have had a win really against Royals, had the game in the pocket twice, but they look a poor side, should CSK be shorter?"

"And I think CSK should be shorter. I see 1.70, 1.65, whatever they are, I think that's probably a bet. I think potentially you're talking about talking about the worst team in IPL this year, and the bet, and I think the only reason that Chennai is not that short is probably because of the home advantage at the moment. I mean, home advantage, first nine games, the team has won, but Chennai looks like a great unit.

I think that the winning team of IPL needs that core Indian experienced unit, and, and, and probably Rajasthan Royals and Chennai Super Kings definitely got that because you're overseas then they can rotate for something a lot of these sides have got six or seven very good over, obviously placing and only play for, I think one I mean and I was also with Delhi, they're not getting enough runs. 

I mean quick 20s for Mitchell Marsh and 40s for David Warner, and not going to win IPL matches, and if you look at the stats over the last two years, Delhi are bottom, you know, with the bat in stats score in the most runs, so I think I think Chennai should be shorter to win this game, and I think 1.70, 1.65 both value."

"Ben, both bonuses from 10Cric, first one, Delhi vs. Chennai."

"Yeah, there's nothing specific on this match itself; you've got a kind of have the match tonight for that one. I mean, you really want to extend your odds, sorry, extend your payback through the, through those welcome bonuses as it's interesting what John was just saying about some of our Delhi there. I mean, the first two matches, there's a conscious effort of pushing those runs hard, you never bet against Mitchell.

Marsh, he'll have four shocking games and then go and score a double century or something in a test match or go and win a match, so you know, never bet against him and never bet against David Warner, there's two better intuition you have the rest of the batting line up, Delhi is going to struggle. 

I'm with John on actually the overall match-winner; it's 1.7 is a wonderful price. The other one to jump out at me, though, is let's look at Delhi Capitals' total in the first 10 overs, think there's if you like those two players, if you like Delhi, there's some interesting odds there.

getting over 72.5 at 1.5, bear in mind is very much going to be get run as quick as we possibly can they haven't done it the last few matches but there's an interesting one there at over 82.5 for odd to 2.25 interest back let's just say that I'm not sure I'll get it but it's something to stand out for if you're a Delhi Capitals fan or a Mitch March fan so that's the one for me but it's see it's CSK all the way for me in this one.

Delhi doing much as this is CSK all the way, and consensus is being formed, just a point on Warner as he wins about 45% of the time on top back last two years including this edition of IPL my suggest that you might start to drop anchor as the pressure builds on Delhi taking fewer risk so actually becomes an even better bet on those runs markets because it'll basically be playing for himself and we don't mind that unless you're a daily fan

Now it's the final Hat Trick of the show best bets all the odds for like Delhi capitals vs. Chennai Super Kings John Wright what is your best bet for this one.

Very obvious to me I'm going to go to the Channel to win the matchup plus and up to a 1.70 I think that's value bet as I say I think Delhi is potentially the worst side of the tournament I mean it's passing a lot but rich our pants off the car crash think you'll improve he's keeping it's been quite good actually.

I think he's batting and we improved it rusty at the moment he improves the tournament goes on him batting at four but I think as after bent what Ben said there are the Mitchell Marsh and Warner the batting for me middle order looks a bit bare and I think that they're struggling and I think CSK or win this game quite comfortably. Plus 1.7 for me CSK."

"And Ben coming back to you."

"I'm gonna have to agree I can't see anything else that stands out at me as being let's call it a low risk a very nice odd so CSK to Win It 1.7. 

I will avoid any kind of bets around tosses because I keep losing those ones let's Stick to the straight CSK win managed can you make it a hat trick on the double hat trick"

"well you can I, um no I would I mean obviously that's a very clear cut one but I really like how Rachin Ravindra is playing in this IPL. 

He has been among the top batters in both innings, he was very close to a 50 in the last game, so Ravindra at 50 at 4.25 and Rachin Ravindra Top batter 6.5 these are good Odds but it would be safer to say Ravindra over 20 at 1.85. 

I think that that's most likely is going to happen along with CSK winning"

Again there you go Ravindra doing terrific stuff with the bat or wrong is a T20 player after all your odds with 

Check out for all your IPL betting needs in the meantime this is been the hat-trick but profit loss figures for you so for been minus 2.48 Manish is minus 2.95 John right minus 3.15 steady so far but we'll get more winners coming all the time we get again next week to tell you what happens in the IPL this is been the hat trick at we'll see you next time.

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