Kings XI Punjab
Sunrisers Hyderabad
Punjab Kings vs Sunrisers Hyderabad, 14th Match IPL 2021
21 Apr 2021, M.A. Chidambaram Stadium, IPL 2021
Sunrisers Hyderabad win by 9 wickets


The SRH vs KXIP game involving these two teams puts together two interesting IPL franchises. SRH vs KXIP is a battle between a team that has won the IPL title before, and now want more in the Sunrisers with a team that has never won the title, finished runners up once but generally never threatened in the Kings XI. SRH plays its home-ground matches at Rajiv Gandhi International Stadium, Hyderabad. The team of KXIP boasts of a pretty strong batting roster whereas, SRH bowling prowess is the team’s stronger suit. In terms of IPL victories, SRH stands superior as compared to the KXIP. The former has one trophy to its name, and the latter still has to win its first match in the league. Both the teams hold a well-classified team members list in a row, making them a notable team in IPL. SRH’s performance in the last two seasons of the IPL has ranged from excellent to commendable. The team finished the 2018 season with the 2nd position at the points table. By the end of 2019 IPL tournament, SRH held the 4th spot among all the competitors. On the contrary, KXIP has not fared well in the 2018 and 2019 seasons of the contest. The team finished both the seasons with the 7th and the 6th spots on the points table respectively.

The Sunrisers won their title in 2016 and came close to another in 2018 when they were beaten in the final. Since winning their first IPL trophy, this is a franchise that understands what it takes to win the IPL, and they look much better because of that. They play their home games at the Rajiv Gandhi International Stadium, somewhere that has brought success in the past and a ground they will be hoping to continue that trend.


KXIP is an IPL franchise that plays its home-ground matches at PCA Stadium, Mohali, Dharamshala and Indore, as well. KXIP is an IPL franchise built for greatness. However, it needs to do some tweaking to rise to the occasion in the 2020 IPL season. SRH has been in good form over the years, but still has scope for improvement. Let’s see what the future brings out for both these teams. The Kings XI Punjab have missed the playoffs in nine of their 11 seasons in the IPL; this is a franchise that has fallen short on several occasions. They need to be better and prove to use that their final appearance in 2014, a year in which they also won the regular season, was no fluke, and it is actually what this franchise is capable of producing. The PCA Stadium in Mohali is their main home ground, a stadium in which they have to perform well.

SRH vs KXIP Score

As with pretty much every game in the IPL, many will be looking to watch SRH vs KXIP live if they can. Whether that means a ticket to see the game from inside the stadium or sitting and watching at home on TV, there are many ways in which you can watch the action.

The IPL has many different TV deals in place across the globe, making the league one of the most accessible out there, which is good news for fans. They also have some live streaming deals so that people can keep up to date via the internet, this can either be on a smartphone or a computer, so this covers those that may be going out during play, you can take this game with you on your phone.

If you are a huge IPL fan and the Sunrisers vs Kings XI is a game you do not want to miss, make sure you circle it on the IPL schedule so you don’t miss out.

1st Inn Kings XI Punjab
Lokesh Rahul c: Williamson b: Sharma 11 16 0 0 68.75
Mayank Agarwal run out (Warner) 9 6 1 0 150.00
Simran Singh c: Garg b: Ahmed 11 8 2 0 137.50
Nicholas Pooran c: Natarajan b: Khan 77 37 5 7 208.11
Glenn Maxwell run out (Garg) 7 12 0 0 58.33
Mandeep Singh b: Khan 6 6 0 0 100.00
Mujeeb Ur Rahman c: Bairstow b: Ahmed 1 3 0 0 33.33
Ravi Bishnoi not out 6 7 1 0 85.71
Mohammed Shami lbw: Khan 0 1 0 0 0.00
Sheldon Cottrell b: Natarajan 0 2 0 0 0.00
Arshdeep Singh c: Warner b: Natarajan 0 3 0 0 0.00
Total (16.5 Ov, RR: 7.84) 132/10
Fall of wickets: 3-58 (Lokesh Rahul, 6.4), 1-11 (Mayank Agarwal, 1.3), 2-31 (Simran Singh, 4.2), 7-126 (Nicholas Pooran, 14.5), 4-105 (Glenn Maxwell, 10.6), 5-115 (Mandeep Singh, 12.3), 6-126 (Mujeeb Ur Rahman, 13.5), 8-126 (Mohammed Shami, 14.6), 9-132 (Sheldon Cottrell, 16.2), 10-132 (Arshdeep Singh, 16.5)
Sandeep Sharma 4.0 0 27 0 6.75 1 0
Khaleel Ahmed 3.0 0 24 2 8.00 0 0
T Natarajan 3.5 0 24 2 6.26 1 0
Abhishek Sharma 1.0 0 15 1 15.00 0 0
Rashid Khan 4.0 1 12 3 3.00 0 0
Abdul Samad 1.0 0 28 0 28.00 0 0
1st Inn Sunrisers Hyderabad
David Warner c: Maxwell b: Bishnoi 52 40 5 1 130.00
Jonny Bairstow lbw: Bishnoi 97 55 7 6 176.36
Abdul Samad c: Singh b: Bishnoi 8 7 1 0 114.29
Manish Pandey c&b: Singh 1 2 0 0 50.00
Kane Williamson not out 20 10 1 1 200.00
Priyam Garg c: Pooran b: Singh 0 1 0 0 0.00
Abhishek Sharma c: Maxwell b: Shami 12 6 1 1 200.00
Total (20.0 Ov, RR: 10.05) 201/6
Fall of wickets: 1-160 (David Warner, 15.1), 2-160 (Jonny Bairstow, 15.4), 4-173 (Abdul Samad, 17.5), 3-161 (Manish Pandey, 16.1), 5-175 (Priyam Garg, 18.1), 6-199 (Abhishek Sharma, 19.5)
Sheldon Cottrell 3.0 0 33 0 11.00 2 0
Mujeeb Ur Rahman 4.0 0 39 0 9.75 0 0
Mohammed Shami 4.0 0 40 1 10.00 0 0
Glenn Maxwell 2.0 0 26 0 13.00 0 0
Ravi Bishnoi 3.0 0 29 3 9.67 0 0
Arshdeep Singh 4.0 0 33 2 8.25 2 1

SRH vs KXIP Prediction

When it comes to making a SRH vs KXIP match prediction, it is important to look back and remember what has happened in the last two meetings here. Although both games were different, one was high scoring, and one was low scoring, the Sunrisers won them both. They also hold key experience of being an IPL winner, which could come into play during the new season too. The Kings XI would love to turn things around here, but it will not be easy for them.

SRH vs KXIP Head to Head

KXIP and SRH have collided head-to-head for a total of 14 times. Out of all these clashes, SRH holds the most victories. KXIP has won 4 of these HTH matches whereas SRH has won 10. However, during the recent seasons of the IPL, KXIP has performed well in its home-ground matches against SRH. In 2018 as well as 2019, KXIP beat SRH in the matches held in PCA Stadium, Mohali. The highest that KXIP has ever scored against SRH is 211 runs. Along the same lines, SRH’s highest score against KXIP is that of 212 runs. When we compare the head-to-head leaderboards of both the teams, players from both sides come out on top. David Warner of SRH has comprehensively scored the greatest number of runs. He holds the record with a total of 574 runs.

On the other hand, Chris Gayle holds the highest score (104 runs) in a single match. The bowling leaderboard also consists of players from both the teams. Either side does not establish a clear dominion. Hanuma Vihari from SRH clocks the best economy rate (2.33). Bhuvneshwar Kumar from the Hyderabadi team holds the record for taking down the most wickets (18). Ankit Rajput, Sandeep Sharma, and Lakshmipathy Balaji of KXIP hold some of the top positions on bowling leaderboards. SRH statistically comes out as the superior team. Furthermore, KXIP still needs to win an IPL trophy whereas SRH is eyeing for its 2nd tournament victory.

The Sunrisers Hyderabad love playing the Kings with a 10-4 win-loss ratio

Games played: 14

Sunrisers Hyderabad wins: 10

Kings XI Punjab wins: 4

It is important to note here than over the last two years, the Kings XI Punjab has improved a little, especially at home and the games over the last two years have been split 2-2, with the home team winning on every occasion.

The home ground for this game will be the Rajiv Gandhi International Stadium, a place where the Sunrisers have dominated the Kings XI. They have played seven times here, with the Sunrisers winning on six of those occasions, while the Kings XI have managed just one win from those games, so confidence will undoubtedly be with the home side.

YearWinnerWon byVenue
2019Sunrisers Hyderabad45 RunsHyderabad
2019Kings XI Punjab6 WicketsMohali
2018Sunrisers Hyderabad13 RunsHyderabad
2018Kings XI Punjab15 RunsMohali
2017Sunrisers Hyderabad26 RunsMohali
2017Sunrisers Hyderabad5 RunsHyderabad
2016Sunrisers Hyderabad7 WicketsMohali
2016Sunrisers Hyderabad5 WicketsHyderabad
2015Sunrisers Hyderabad5 RunsHyderabad
2015Sunrisers Hyderabad20 RunsMohali
2014Kings XI Punjab6 WicketsHyderabad
2014Kings XI Punjab72 RunsSharjah
2013Sunrisers Hyderabad30 RunsMohali
2013Sunrisers Hyderabad5 WicketsHyderabad

SRH vs KXIP 2020

08 Oct 2020,
Dubai International Cricket Stadium,
Indian Premier League 2020
Sunrisers Hyderabad
Kings XI punjab
Kings XI Punjab
24 Oct 2020,
Dubai International Cricket Stadium,
Indian Premier League 2020
Kings XI punjab
Kings XI Punjab
Sunrisers Hyderabad

SRH vs KXIP 2019

In stark contrast, the SRH vs KXIP 2019 meeting was a very high scoring game. The Sunrisers went into bat first and put a huge total on the board of 212/6 from their 20 overs. David Warner led the way by scoring 81 runs from 56 deliveries, while those in behind made smaller contributions. Two wickets for R Ashwin and Mohammed Shami tried to slow the Sunrisers down, but it didn’t really work.

The Kings XI came out fighting, knowing what a big score was required, but they ended up a long way off the rate. They reached 167/8 from their 20 overs, leaving the Sunrisers to win the game by 45 runs. K L Rahul tried his best for the team, scoring 79 runs from 56 balls while everyone else on the team failed to get going. David Warner took home the man of the match award from this game after his brilliant batting performance in the first innings.

When Kings XI Punjab faced SRH in 2019 at PCA Stadium, Mohali, they successfully carried the same momentum from 2018. In other words, KXIP emerged victorious by the end of this suspenseful crusade. SRH batted in the 1st innings and put together a target score of 151 runs at the loss of 4 wickets. David Warner’s hardcore performance was responsible for erecting almost half of SRH’s final score. When KXIP held the batting station, Lokesh Rahul and Mayank Aggarwal exhibited exemplary sportsmanship. They contributed 71 runs and 55 runs to the chase respectively. Ankit Rajput proved to be KXIP’s most-economical bowler whereas Lokesh Rahul emerged as the team’s explosive batsman. Simply put, this match could have gone either way. But, KXIP managed to steal a victory with 6 wickets to spare and 1 ball to face.

SRH vs KXIP 2018

The SRH vs KXIP 2018 game was a low scoring affair at the Rajiv Gandhi International Stadium. The Sunrisers went into bat first and were well held by the Kings XI, who limited them to just 132/6 from their 20 overs. Manish Pandey was good with the bat, he scored 54 from 51 deliveries, but this innings was all about the bowling of Ankit Rajpoot, who took five wickets from four overs while also only conceding 14 runs. He was a big reason why this game turned out to be low scoring.

Unfortunately for the Kings XI, their batsmen could not go out and match the levels shown by Rajpoot in the game. They struggled from the very start, with 32 from K L Rahul and 23 from Chris Gayle their only players to score over 20 in the game. That all left them reaching just 119 all out from 19.2 overs, giving the Sunrisers Hyderabad the victory.

When KXIP and SRH competed against each other in 2018, the crowd got to witness a true cricketing spectacle. By the end of the match, KXIP’s clearly exhibited its dominance over the field. However, the audience was on the edge till the last over of the 2nd innings. KXIP helmed the batting station in the 1st innings and amassed a total of 193 runs. Chris Gayle’s bat gave RCB bowlers a great thumping by contributing 104 runs to KXIP’s final score. Thus, it is fair to say that KXIP’s batting performance was more or less a one-man show. Regardless, other batsmen of the team gave Chris the necessary wiggle-room to keep playing in his element. Kane Williamson and Manish Pandey of SRH tried their best to bring out a successful chase. But, KXIP’s bowling squad cut their efforts short. Mohit Sharma and Andrew Type of KXIP took two wickets each. By the end of the 2nd innings, SRH’s total turned out to be 178 runs at the loss of 4 wickets. Thus, KXIP won the match by a good margin of 15 runs. Chris Gayle took the player of the match title home.