Toss Prediction

Toss is one of the oldest traditions in cricket and so is the toss prediction market when it comes to cricket betting.

It is one of those aspects of cricket that has not changed for about 145 years of international cricket since the very first Test match in 1877.

Though the toss prediction is purely a matter of chance, it can greatly affect the outcome of a cricket match and thus toss prediction appeals to cricket fans and bettors alike.

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Who will win the toss in today’s match?

England vs Ireland, TEST, Ireland tour of England 2023


England and Ireland overall coin toss statistics for the last 24 months show that England have won 42.31% of the total tosses while Ireland have won 0%.

Note: Negative value for ‘Toss Advantage’ suggests that the team has been at a disadvantage after winning the toss.

EnglandCoin TossWon MatchLost MatchDrawNRWin %
Won Toss13553038.46%
Lost Toss13652046.15%
Toss Advantage-7.69%
IrelandCoin TossWon MatchLost MatchDrawNRWin %
Won Toss000000.00%
Lost Toss101000.00%
Toss Advantage0.00%

Leicestershire vs Derbyshire, T20, Vitality Blast 2023


Sussex vs Essex, T20, Vitality Blast 2023


Durham vs Lancashire, T20, Who will win today’s match?


Sri Lanka vs Afghanistan, 1st ODI, Afghanistan tour of Sri Lanka 2023 

Sri Lanka
Sri LankaCoin TossWon MatchLost MatchDrawNRWin%
Won Toss11380027.27%
Lost Toss12660050.00%
Toss Advantage-22.73%
AfghanistanCoin TossWon MatchLost MatchDrawNRWin%
Won Toss7520071.43%
Lost Toss4310075.00%
64%Toss Advantage-3.57%

Today Toss Prediction

The only information relevant to today toss prediction is historical data about tosses and a captain’s decision after winning the toss. Although predicting the toss outcome is a futile activity in most cases, we use the historical toss decision data in our predictions for today’s cricket match.

The advent of T20 cricket initiated a wave of private leagues across the globe – such as the Indian Premier League, Big Bash League, and Pakistan Super League to name a few. A T20 match is always about to start somewhere in the world and thus cricket fans are often in search of today toss prediction.

ipl coin toss
IPL Coin Toss

How does the toss affect the match odds?

The importance of toss varies according to the format, length and venue of a cricket match. In Test matches, where the conditions are tailored to the needs of the home team, the toss can dictate the match result, especially when the home team wins it. 

For our users who indulge in betting on the match result market, a more important question than toss prediction is how does the toss affect the match odds?

The toss also has a big influence in the shorter match format such as T20.

Cricket Betting

On an overcast day, on a green surface, winning the toss and bowling first shifts the odds in favour of the bowling team. In a match among the equals, the toss has a major effect on the outcome of the match.

How does the toss affect our match predictions?

Cricket betting analysts include all the parameters that affect the result of the match in our cricket match prediction and cricket betting tips. One of the questions we try to answer is – how does the toss affect our match predictions?

The coin may favour any team on any given day, but if it favours a team in the right match conditions – home/away, spinning/seaming surface, presence of dew etc – the toss can be a decisive factor. 

Pray India won’t win the toss – if they do, India win 80% of matches.

Cricket Betting

To put things in perspective, let’s take the example of India in Tests. They have built a fortress at home. In the last 10 years, India’s winning percentage after winning the toss at home is close to 80% – 24 matches, 19 wins, 2 losses and 3 draws.

You can expect cricket betting predicting an India win if they win the toss at home in a Test match.  That is how strongly the toss can affect today match prediction.

Best Toss Prediction

A coin toss is purely a random event. The concept of best toss prediction exists only in theory. Every time the coin goes up, both teams have a 50% chance of winning the toss. 

Many analysts claim to provide the best toss prediction but the reality is no one can predict the toss outcome. It is not something that can be derived, like match results, from the historical data or team form.  Don’t let anyone fool you into believing that toss outcome can be predicted.

The best thing about the toss is that is it purely unbiased. Often, in order to provide the best toss prediction, many consider the event of toss under the law of averages erroneously. What people consider the law of averages is basically, the law of large numbers. 

Let me explain. It is possible for, say team A to win 80% to 90% tosses within the first 10 to 15 events against Team B. However, when the number of tosses between two teams inches towards a large number such as 100, the win probability starts to move towards 50% for both teams.

Now, a team can be on a roll against a particular in the short term, but we need to understand that it is just a snapshot in a longer time frame and that it would even out longitudinally. 

The fun part is, it impossible to know when would it start moving towards the mean. That’s why best toss predictions are hard to deduce.

To understand this better, let’s take a look at the toss data of the two teams who have played the most Test matches between them – England and Australia.

Total TossesAustralia Toss WinsAustralia Toss Win%England Toss WinsEngland Toss Win%
Australia vs England – Toss Stats in Tests

2022 Coin Toss Analysis

   Matches  Won  Drawn  Lost  Win %
Home Side Won Toss
Elected to Bat632150.00
Elected to Bowl2200100.00
Overall Total852162.50
Home Side Lost Toss
Fielded First824225.00
Bat First430175.00
Overall Total1254341.67
Away Side Won Toss
Elected to Bat824225.00
Elected to Bowl410325.00
Overall Total1234525.00
Away Side Lost Toss
Fielded First612316.67
Bat First20020.00
Overall Total812512.50

Which betting sites offer the best toss odds?

The betting companies often place the “to win the toss” market around the 1.80 mark. Some of the best toss prediction betting odds are provided by Betway, 888Sport, 10Bet, Comeon, Parimatch etc. who constantly provide the toss betting odds around the 1.9 mark. 

  • 888sport: Toss Odds – 1.91
  • Betway: Toss Odds – 1.91
  • 10bet: Toss Odds – 1.9
  • Comeon: Toss Odds – 1.9
  • Parimatch: Toss Odds – 1.9

IPL Toss Prediction

Cricket Betting provides a well-researched preview of the IPL match along with today IPL toss prediction.

The flip of a coin really should be a random event. However, it does seem that some Captains just know how to win the match toss. Our estimate about today IPL match toss prediction is an educated estimate. 

To get a better idea of who might today IPL toss prediction favour in the next IPL match, Cricket Betting has crunched the numbers since IPL 2008 of India Premer League.

Our analysis and commentary on today IPL match toss prediction would be based on the following data. Coin toss being such a random event, the readers are advised to consider our analysis with a pinch of salt.

TeamMatchesWon Toss% Win
Toss win % of teams since IPL 2021.

Coin Toss – Is there any advantage?

Although coin toss is a completely random event, the team winning the toss has better control over the rest of the match.  

Winning the toss gives a 6% advantage in Tests

Cricket Betting

That is probably why our users often ask – “coin toss – is there any advantage?” Let’s try to tackle this question with Test match data in the 21st century for 8 major Test nations.

  1. Overall, the team winning the toss has won 45% of the matches as opposed to 39% wins after losing the toss. A clear 6% advantage after winning the toss.
  2. Sri Lanka have been reliant on toss wins to win the Tests in the 21st century. Their win percentage of 46% after winning the toss which comes down by 15% when they lose the toss.
  3. Australia, India and South Africa have won at least 50% of the matches when they won the toss – which is quite substantial given that more than 20% of Test matches end up in a draw.
  4. Australia, Pakistan and South Africa have had about a 9% advantage after winning the toss while India had an 8% toss advantage.
  5. Interestingly, England and West Indies have not been able to capitalize on the toss advantage. Their win % is exactly the same irrespective of the toss result.
  6. The majority of the teams have a similar draw percentage irrespective of the toss result. Except for India and New Zealand, the remaining teams have drawn more matches when they lost the toss.
Won the TossLost the TossToss Advantage
South Africa54%27%19%45%34%21%9%
Sri Lanka46%30%24%31%45%24%15%
New Zealand38%33%29%36%40%24%2%
West Indies21%55%24%21%53%26%0%
Toss Advantage in Tests (Since 2001)

The data shows that there is a clear advantage to winning the toss. A general trend is that the teams winning the toss tend to win more matches while the ones losing the toss tend to lose or draw more.

What does a test captain do when winning the coin toss?

So, you must be wondering – what does a test captain do when winning the coin toss? This question reminds me of an old saying in Test cricket which goes something like this – If you win the toss in Test cricket, look at the opposition, assess the conditions, and then decide to bat first anyway.

India and Australia generally bat first after winning the toss.

Cricket Betting

The toss data from the 21st century highlights the fact that toss winning captain in Tests prefers batting first. After all, who would want to bat last on a crumbling pitch?

TeamTotal Tosses WonBat FirstBat First %Bowl FirstBowl first%
Sri Lanka1067167%3533%
South Africa946872%2628%
West Indies1005050%5050%
New Zealand823948%4352%
What does a test captain do when winning the coin toss? (since 2001)

Here are some nuggets from this data

  • India and Australia would almost always bat first after winning the toss. Sri Lanka and England also bat first about 70% of the time.
  • In 100 Tests in the 21st century, West Indies have batted and bowled first 50% of the time.
  • New Zealand is the only country to have bowled first after winning the toss more often in the 21st century. This highlights the fact that they play at home more often where there’s enough help for the new ball bowlers.

What does an IPL captain do when winning the coin toss?

Interestingly, if you ask the same question for IPL prediction such as the one we asked for Test matches earlier i.e. – what does an IPL captain do when winning the coin toss? – the answer might surprise you.

KKR Captain Eoin Morgan at the coin toss

In IPL, Win the toss and bowl!

Cricket Betting

Here’s what we found:

  1. In IPL, the captains tend to bowl first after winning the coin toss.
  2. DC, RCB, KKR, and PBKS chose to bowl first more than 65% of instances with RCB highest at 71%.
  3. Barring CSK, no other team has chosen to bat first more than bowl first.
TeamTotal MatchesTosses WonBat FirstBat First %Bowl FirstBowl First %
Mumbai Indians2171145145%6355%
Delhi Capitals2101083734%7166%
Royal Challengers Bangalore210972829%6971%
Kolkata Knight Riders2091063533%7167%
Punjab Kings204902831%6269%
Chennai Super Kings1941035351%5049%
Rajasthan Royals175953537%6063%
Sunrisers Hyderabad138642742%3758%
What does an IPL captain do when winning the coin toss? (Data since 2008)

What do the statistics say about the coin toss in the IPL?

As we have seen earlier, the captain’s decision to bowl first after winning the toss is sort of becoming a trend in IPL. Does this apply to match results as well? What do statistics say about the coin toss in the IPL? Let’s take a brief look:

  1. Contrary to popular belief, a coin toss win doesn’t affect the match result in the same way for all the teams.
  2. CSK has won the highest (65% wins) after winning the toss. No other team crosses 60%.
  3. MI, RCB and KKR have won more matches (>50% wins) after winning the toss than they have lost.
  4. DC (48% wins), PBKS (43% wins), RR (49% wins) and SRH (45% wins) have all lost more matches after winning the toss than they won.
TeamTotal MatchesTotal WinsToss WinsMatch Wins after winning the toss% Match Wins after winning the toss
Mumbai Indians2171271146759%
Delhi Capitals210961085248%
Royal Challengers Bangalore210100974951%
Kolkata Knight Riders2091081065956%
Punjab Kings20494903943%
Chennai Super Kings1941171036765%
Rajasthan Royals17586954749%
Sunrisers Hyderabad13869642945%
What do the statistics say about the coin toss in the IPL? (Data since 2008)

Today Match Toss Prediction Astrology

Many people believe in astrology and seek advice while deciding on today match toss prediction. It must be emphasized that Astrology is regarded as pseudoscience. It has been falsified time and again and has no scientific validity.

The alignment of stars and planets, which is the basis for Astrology, has nothing to do with a captain winning the toss on a given day. We cannot advise our users to seek advice from astrology for today match toss prediction.

We recommend that our users accept the randomness of a coin toss and not let anyone, astrology or otherwise, fool them into believing that the outcome of the toss can be predicted with certainty.

Frequently Asked Questions About Toss Prediction

Which is the best toss prediction site?

Nobody can predict the outcome of the toss. In that sense, all sites claiming to predict the toss are equally good or equally bad whichever way you look at it.

Who will win today toss prediction?

In terms of toss predictions about today’s match, your guess will be as good as ours. It is impossible to predict the outcome of a completely random event such as the coin toss.


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