St Lucia Zouks
Trinbago Knight Riders
St Lucia Zouks vs Trinbago Knight Riders, 9th T20, Caribbean Premier League 2023 – Who Will Win Today’s Match?
26 Aug 2023, Warner Park, Caribbean Premier League 2023
St Lucia Kings win by 54 runs

Cricket Betting Odds

Cricket Betting has partnered with major online sports betting sites to bring you our cricket live bet rate table.

It’s a great tool to check and compare the best betting odds in cricket without the hassle of going into each site yourself.

The cricket odds live coverage below constitute a direct feed from our very impressive and friendly sports betting partners. These live cricket match odds are updated synchronously.

Not Started
01 Oct 2023,
Hollywoodbets Kingsmead Stadium,
New Zealand Women Tour Of South Africa, ODI Series, 2023
South Africa cricket
South Africa Women
New Zealand Women
New Zealand Women
Not Started
05 Oct 2023,
ICC Cricket World Cup 2023
New Zealand
New Zealand
Not Started
06 Oct 2023,
ICC Cricket World Cup 2023
Not Started
07 Oct 2023,
ICC Cricket World Cup 2023
afghanistan cricket
Not Started
07 Oct 2023,
ICC Cricket World Cup 2023
South Africa
South Africa
sri lanka
Sri Lanka
Not Started
08 Oct 2023,
EPC Solar Park,
Women’s National Cricket League 2023, Domestic One Day Series, 2023
act meteors
ACT Meteors
Tasmania Women
Tasmania Women

*Live match odds are a direct feed from bookmakers. Please check all aspects of your bets before placement.

The cricket bet live rate is updated instantly from our partners so any major match events will be “priced” in our feed almost instantly. Remember, it’s not all about the odds though.

Do not forget to check the signup bonuses for some great opportunities to win big on these cricket betting sites.

Cricket Betting will publish cricket betting odds for all the major live cricket matches. Keep an eye on your favourite team and when the time is right, and the online betting odds are in your favour, go ahead and place a live bet.

No single sportsbook will give you the best odds all the time.

Cricket Betting

Bet Odds Cricket

There are various formats in which the betting odds can be displayed. Decimal, fractional, and American are the most popular formats are bet odds in cricket. We will talk about each format in detail later in this article.

A lot of factors influence the bet odds in cricket. Primary factors are the strength of the team and the form of the players, and the head to head form of opponents.

The secondary factors include the pitch and weather conditions, the effect of toss, home or away venue etc. While setting the odds for an event, all of these factors are taken into consideration.

On top of this, the cricket betting site adjusts its profits margins while formulating the odds. Each bookmaker adds different margins and the ones with the lowest margins are the best odds from the users’ perspective.

That is why odds in cricket must be compared on the various platforms for you to pick the best betting options available. The betting odds comparison is exactly what cricket betting brings to you free of charge.

Remember though, it’s not all about the odds, check the signup bonuses for some great opportunities to win big. 

Why use a live cricket betting odds checker?

Cricket Betting’s cricket live odds checker covers all international T20, ODI and Test matches, and other major domestic T20 cricket competitions like the Indian Premier League (IPL), Big Bash League (BBL), Pakistan Super League (PSL), Super Smash (SS), Caribbean Premier League (CPL).

The odds checker also covers major domestic List A and First Class competitions such as Ranji Trophy, Duleep Trophy, Vijay Hazare Trophy, Deodhar Trophy, NKP Salve Challenger Trophy from India. It also covers the Australian Sheffield Shield and the English Country Cricket to name a few.

Live odds are currently received from a host of online sports betting partners including, but not limited to, NetBet, LeoVegas, ComeOn, bet365, NetBet, 10Cric, LV BET, 22Bet and Betway etc. This will give you side by side cricket betting odds comparison for your perusal.

Currently, we have close to 20 partners that provide us with live betting odds. We will continue to add new sports betting partners to offer you the maximum choice to help you figure out the best cricket betting odds.

Here are some reasons as to why one should use the cricket betting odds checker.

  1. A live cricket betting odds checker is used to place bets during the match. Not too long ago, you could only bet on a sporting event before it began. However, technology and service improvements meant that it is now possible to place an “in-play bet” or a “live bet”.

    Live cricket betting odds, otherwise known as a bet rate cricket, ensure that you get the best value from your favourite cricket match.
  2. Our live cricket betting odds checker also highlights the best welcome bonus, such as a free bet, odds boosts and 100% match deposit bonus.
  3. Sites offer bets for different markets. Some sites only provide outright match odds, while others offer more comprehensive betting options.  Our free cricket betting tips page goes into more details on the cricket betting market options. 

In short, instead of toggling between various cricket betting websites, you get an instant picture of the markets and betting odds available for a match, saving you a ton of time. Now, who wouldn’t want that?

How to use a cricket betting odds comparison site?

Using an odds portal for cricket odds comparison is fairly easy. 

  • Scroll to the cricket match which interests you and check the bet rate. 
  • Two columns show the respective team odds. 
  • The home side odds are displayed on the left column
  • The away team odds on the right column – these are labeled with the team name to avoid any confusion.

Maximise your betting options and open multiple accounts.

Cricket Betting

You might notice that some sportsbooks offer better comparative odds for the home side while another sportsbook will provide better odds for the away side.

More nuanced odds like Man of the Match or Best Batsman will likely have an even bigger spread. It pays to open an account with multiple cricket odds portals so that when you see a great value bet, you can bet immediately.

What is “live cricket rate for bet”?

We’re glad you asked. Live cricket rate bet is precisely the same as live cricket odds. The term bet rate is common in India but less common elsewhere. To check the cricket bet rate, check the live game on this page or visit our Match Prediction for a more comprehensive market of live cricket rates for betting.

Cricket Odds – A Comprehensive Guide

Cricket odds are as diverse and interesting as the game itself. Cricket is fundamentally a game of stats. Every little aspect of the game brings about a new stat to play with.

Not only can you bet on the most popular bet such as the match outcome but you can also test your skills and win some money on exciting side bets like;

1st ball runs scored, runs scored in the 1st over, highest scoring batsman, number of match sixes and method of dismissal. The list goes on and on. It’s easy to see why cricket betting is widespread.

Before going into the nitty-gritty of various types of cricket odds markets, let’s first understand some basic terminologies.

Use free bets or bet credits to increase your returns

Cricket Betting

What are odds, wagers and returns in betting?

The odds represent the probability of a team winning the match. The strong teams have smaller odds and the weak ones have larger odds.

This simply means that you are set to win a small amount if the strong team wins but you can win a lot if an underdog wins. A mathematical calculation determines the final amount (or profit, depending on the format of the odds) you would receive.

A wager, also known as stake, is the amount you bet on a market such as Match Winner, Who will win the toss etc. If you win, the final payout, also called the returns, are based on the initial amount wagered. Please note that you lose all the wagered amount if you lose the bet.

The bets can be placed as a single bet or an accumulator bet. Single bet means that the stake is put on a single bet market such as match winner, highest scorer, etc. The winnings are limited to the gains in a single event and the final amount may not be huge.

Accumulator bet, on the other hand, can make you very profitable if played right. An accumulator bet is one where multiple bets are accumulated into one bet. To win in an accumulator bet, all the bets have to come good.

The accumulator is quite enticing because it pays much higher odds than if the bets in the accumulator were placed as separate single bets. The odds of individual odds are multiplied which can generate a huge payout in the case of accumulator odds.

Since you must win all the bets in an accumulator bet, it comes with an increased risk of losing money. Bookmakers offer double, treble, four/five/six/seven even eightfold accumulators. Higher the fold, higher the risk and reward as well.

Sometimes good odds combined with bonuses offered by sportsbooks can prove to be very lucrative. Let’s say a betting site offers a 100% welcome bonus up to $100 for new players.

If you make $100 as your first deposit, you get $100 more in your account. Now, let’s say, you bet these $200 on an event with odds of 2.0 and win. The final payout for you would be $400 which is 4 times the initial stake of $100.

Welcome Bonus 100%
Deposit Amount $100
What You Get to Bet $200
Event Odds 2.0
Potential Win$400
($300 profit on a $100 bet)

It is important to note that the welcome bonus can be used only on a qualifying bet and you will have to adhere to the minimum odds clause to be applicable.

What are the different formats of odds?

The cricket betting odds are often displayed in various formats. While Cricket Betting prefers to display them in decimal format for its simplicity, there are other formats such as the fraction, American and Asian.

It must be noted that the odds are completely interconvertible and do not, in any way, alter the payout for the user. Let’s take a look at them in brief.

How does Decimal Odds Work?

The Decimal odds, also known as the European or Digital or Continental odds, are the simplest to understand.

Just by looking at the decimal odds, you can figure out the favourites to win the match. The strong teams have smaller odds (due to a higher chance of winning) compared to the weak teams.

The decimal odds depicts the amount you would win for every $1 bet on a given market. The final payout can be calculated as below:

Payout = Decimal Odds X Amount Wagered

For example, If decimal odds for India Win are at 1.35 and you have wagered $100. Then, if India wins, you would receive $135 [ 1.35 X 100 = 135 ] as the final payout.

Please note that $135 represents the total payout, not the profit. The odds consider your initial stake which makes it a matter of simply multiplying the odds with the stake to get your final winning amount.

How does Fractional Odds Work?

The Fractional Odds, which are sometimes referred to as Traditional, British or UK odds, are a very popular odds format that is used by many bookmakers, especially in Britain and Ireland.

The odds are often represented by a hyphen (-) or a slash and look something like 9-5 or 9/5. The fractional representation such as 9/5 means that you would win a profit of $9 for every $5 wagered in addition to getting the $5 back as well.

The payout for a fractional odd can be calculated as below:

Payout = (Fractional Odds X Amount Wagered) + Amount Wagered

For Example: If you wagered $100 for India to win at 2/5 fractional odds, your final payout in case of India win would be $140 [ (2/5 X 100) + 100 = 140 ].

Basically, fractional odds focus on the profit you would get and thus the initial stake needs to be added back to get the final payout.

How does American Odds Work?

As the name suggests, the Americal Odds, also known as the Money Line odds, are mainly used in the US. These odds can be slightly tricky to understand as they are represented by -ve and +ve signs for the favourite and underdog teams respectively.

The odds for the favourite team are represented by a -ve sign which represents the amount to be wagered to win a profit of $100. When it comes to the underdogs, the odds are represented by the +ve sign, which represents the amount you would win for a $100 stake.

For Example: Consider the below odds for India vs Pakistan cricket match.

India: -250 and Pakistan: +620

This means that India are our favorites to win and to win a profit of $100 you would have to wager $250. On the other hand, if you wager $100 on Pakistan you are set to win a profit of $620.

Please note that both these numbers represent the profits in addition to the user getting back the initial stake. The final payout for favourites and underdogs is different as shown below:

Favourites Payout = [(Amount Wagered X 100) / American Odds] + Amount Wagered

Underdogs Payout = [(Amount Wagered/100) X American Odds] + Amount Wagered

Note: +ve and -ve signs are ignored for the calculations.

So, in our India vs Pakistan example, the final payout would be $350, if $250 are wagered on India, and $720 if $100 are wagered on Pakistan.

How does Asian Odds Work?

The Asian odds are popularly referred to as Asian Handicap odds. A handicap is a system that is used to give head start to the weaker team in the context to spice up the odds and level the imbalance in the strength of the opponents.

The Asian handicap removes the possibility of a draw and has one of the two possible outcomes – win or loss. Asian handicap is primarily designed for Football and has found it’s usage into cricket as well.

Let’s take an example of an ODI match between India and Namibia with India’s odds placed at 1.05. India is too strong a team compared to Namibia and the odds are too low for anyone to get interested in betting on this match.

Let’s assume Namibia managed a score of 210 batting first. What the Asian handicap does is that it gives some advantage to the weaker team. For example, some bookmakers might put a condition that in order for you to win the handicap bet India must win the match in 30 overs.

With this condition in place, the bookmakers can offer better odds for an India win with a handicap and thus garner more response from the bettors.

Please note that if you placed a bet on an India win with handicap odds, India must win the match within 30 overs. If India wins the match, in say 35 overs, you will lose the bet.

Cricket Odds Live

The live odds also referred to as inplay odds, are the ones that are available even after the match has commenced. The inplay or live odds are available in a live match at regular intervals. The live odds are not available for all markets though such as the win toss market.

A good example of live odds is the match winner market. As the match progresses the odds keep on updating regularly. Users who lost on the pre-match betting odds can play the live odds and earn some money in play.

IPL Odds

With the IPL 2023 approaching fast, cricket bettors around the world must be curious about IPL odds.

Now that the IPL has become a 10 team affair, after the addition of Lucknow Super Giants and Gujrat Titans, the cricket bettors will get to bet on 74 IPL matches instead of the usual 60.

Though the IPL betting odds for the markets on each match will be available a few days before the match day, some bookmakers have already released the outright winner odds on their betting website.

According to Betway’s outright IPL odds, Delhi Capitals and Mumbai Indians are equally likely to win the IPL 2022 with the lowest odds of 6.0. They are followed by Punjab Kings (7.50) and the defending champions Chennai Super Kings (8.0) as the next two probable winners. Sunrisers Hyderabad, at 17.0, have the lowest IPL odds for the outright winner.

Some of the most popular IPL betting odds are match winner, the man of the match, top batsman and top bowler. The “who will win the toss” market is right up there as well.

Cricket betting will bring to you IPL odds, match prediction and betting tips for each of the IPL matches. Watch this space for more information related to IPL 2023

Cricket Betting Odds – Market Selection Guide

Cricket betting odds are as diverse and interesting as the game itself. Not only can you bet on the match outcome but you can also test your skills and win some money on exciting side bets like; 1st ball runs scored, 1st over runs scored, highest scoring batsman, number of match sixes and method of dismissal. The list goes on an on.

It’s easy to see why cricket betting is widespread. What are the most popular cricket betting odds? 

What are the top cricket betting markets?

Welcome to our definitive list of cricket betting markets that are available to you. Firstly, let’s start with the popular cricket match odds.

Match Bet is where you place a wager on the outcome of a cricket match. In Test match cricket the options are – home win, home loss or draw.

In ODIs, T20s, T20Is or 40-over cricket where there’s always a winner in the match, the options are home win or home loss.

However, there are three exceptions:

  1. The match is incomplete due to bad weather or floodlight failure.
  2. Where the match ends in a tie and the full-time winner is decided by a super over.
  3. The game ends in a draw, and the teams share the points.

Match Winner – The match winner odds are very common as it’s a straightforward choice of the win, lose or draw. Most gambling sites will offer odds on the match-winner, but in T20s and ODIs it is possible to bet on a drawn match.

To Win The Toss – The coin toss is one of the most popular cricket bets. You would think it’s a 50/50 chance for all captains but the reality is that some captains can’t catch a break. Cricket Betting lists the latest odds for the best toss prediction.

The Toss Prediction bet is extremely popular. Allan Border holds an Australian record for the worst toss losing streak in ODIs at 8. In Test matches, there is a 3.6% improvement in a team winning when also winning the toss. In ODIs, it’s only a 1.8% advantage.

Team To Score Most 4s & 6s – The most fours or sixes bet can either be in a series or an individual match.

Highest Opening Partnership – The highest opening partnership is another head to head bet of most runs scored and requires both sides to complete their opening partnerships. The highest opening partnership bet generally applies to the first innings only.

Most Team Run Outs – The most run outs bet is about the total number of team run outs as the fielding side. South Africa tend to be the favourites owing to their superior fielding.

Wasim Akram currently holds the record for a player to be run out the most number of times in ODIs. Steve Waugh has run his partner out 50 times in ODIs and since the 1999 Cricket World Cup Jayawardene has affected the most runs outs with 23 such instances.

In all cricket formats, Ricky Ponty has effected 80 run outs, surprisingly, way ahead of Jonty Rhodes on 68 run outs.

And now are other cricket betting markets:

1st Innings lead bet requires both teams to be bowled out or declare their first innings for the bet to be valid.

1st/2nd/3rd Over Total Runs is the total runs scored during the first over of the match. For bets to stand, the over must be completed. Some sportsbooks offer the highest runs in other remaining overs throughout the match as live bets.

Batsman Runs (Over/Under) is generally offered on the top 3 or 4 batsmen in the side. You bet on whether a batsman will score under or over a particular score.

For example, will David Warner score more or less than 30 opening for SRH?

Best Batsman bet is offered in limited-overs matches. Top match batsman can be either for the entire match or just the top scorer for the home team or away team.

The top match batsman odds will always be higher than the top scorer for the team as there is more competition. For example, Virat Kholi might be 3.0 to be India’s top scorer and also be 5.0 for the match top scorer featuring Steve Smith.

In the event two batsmen score the same number of runs, the bet is declared a dead heat. Additionally, bets on players who are selected but do not bat or field are settled as losing bets. For the top match batsman, it’s wise to bet on the first couple of batsmen only.

In the Best Bowler bet, if both bowlers take an equal number of wickets, then the bowler with the least number of runs conceded is deemed the best. If the bowlers take the same number of wickets and concede the same number of runs, then it’s a dead heat.

What is the dead heat rule in cricket? – In cade Dead Heat the stake is proportionally divided between the number of winners.

Correct Score, otherwise known as Result Betting, is a bet on the exact score of a cricket match. Generally, all bets are declared void if the number of Overs is reduced due to weather, or any other reason, from the standard scheduled number of Overs in a Twenty 20 match or any other limited Overs match.

Fall of Next Wicket market is a bet on the number of runs the batting team scores at the fall of the next wicket. Bad weather ending the match will void the bet. However, if a team declares or reaches its target, the total achieved by the batting team will be the result of the market.

Fifty/Century/Double Century in the 1st Innings is for any batsman and is offered as a yes/no bet. In limited-overs matches, the bet is deemed void if rain reduces the number of overs by 3 or more in a Twenty 20 match, and of 5 or more in other limited-overs matches.

Fifty/Century/Double Century in a match again is a yes/no bet for any batsman. The best odds for a fifty or century are in T20 matches.

First Scoring Play is the number of runs from the first scoring shot. Scoring runs from a no-ball, means extras are the winner. A four off a no-ball is a “1” run.

Method of Dismissal can be 2-way – caught or not caught or 6-way – Caught, Bowled, LBW, Run Out, Stumped or Any Other (includes Sent Off/Retired Out). Bets are void if either player retires due to injury before the next wicket falls, or there are no further wickets.

Over at Fall of Next Wicket is similar to Fall of 1st wicket but you are taking a punt on the next wicket over instead of the score.

Over/Under Innings Runs betting is a bet on the number of runs each team will score in their respective innings. For example, T20 over/under bets can be 180 runs or under, 181-200 and 200 runs or over. In live betting (in-play betting) the innings runs betting line changes continuously.

Most Wides are the total number of wides the bowling team sends down. The record number of wides is 13 from one over bowled by Sujom Mahmud from the Lalmatia Club. Admittedly, he bowled the wides as a protest against poor umpiring and copped a 10-year ban for his efforts. That’s expensive over!

Next Man Out betting is void if any not out batsman retires hurt or there are no further wickets.

Next Over betting (Over/Under & Odd/Even) are the number of runs scored in the respective over and extras are included for settlement purposes.

Player to Score Most Sixes is offered on any of the starting 11 players. Chris Gayle has smacked more than 350 6s so far in his IPL career. In 2013, in his record 175 off 66 balls against Pune Warriors India, he scored 17 sixes and 14 fours. Chris Gayle has also hit 6 sixes in a match 14 times.

Runs at Fall of the 1st Wicket. In April 2017, Kolkata Knight Riders chased down 184 against Gujarat Lions, the highest target without losing a wicket.

Session Runs is a Test match bet and requires a minimum of 20 overs to be bowled in a session for a valid bet.

Series Winner is another outright bet in which you back a team to win the series. The series winner options are a two-way bet, home win or home loss, plus the number of home wins. In a 3-test series, the market options include; 0-0, 1-0, 0-1, 1-1, 1-2, 2-1, 2-0, 0-2, 3-0 and 0-3.

The series result winner tends to be only available for the bigger series like The Ashes.

Top-scoring batsman is one of our favourites here at Cricket Betting. You can bet on any of the 22 players taking the field, but the most popular, and also, shortest odds are generally within the first five batsmen of any team. Virat Kohli is the perennial favourite to top the scoring.

When betting on the top-scoring batsman, it’s worth checking their recent form and form against the opposition. You can also bet on which team has the top batsman, will there be a 100 or 50 scored in each of the innings and whether a specific batsman, like Kohli, will score a 50

Top wicket-taker, like the top batsman, is generally from only a handful of players. This bet can offer great value and it is always worth spending a few moments to check the odds on the top wicket tacker. This bet becomes more difficult when the bowling attack shares wickets (e.g. Australia) but sides like England and New Zealand tend to see only 1 or 2 bowlers collecting the wickets.

Tournament winner is for world cup events like the upcoming T20 World Cup in Australia. Being on home soil, Australia are the favourites to win the T20 World Cup. The tournament Winner is an outright bet on who will win the tournament. Will CSK win the 2021 IPL, or will it be MI?

Wicket 1st Over offered as a Yes/No bet. As of March 2020, 19 bowlers have taken a wicket with their first ball in a T20I career. In fact, Kasprowicz took wickets with his first two balls in T20Is.

Win By An Innings – Yes or no bet. England and South Africa win around 29% of matches by an innings. Bangladesh are yet to record an innings victory.

Winning Margin bets are the difference between final scores in limited-overs matches. These bets are void if there is any reduction in the originally scheduled overs for either team such as in the rain-affected matches.

Bet365 Cricket Odds

Bet365 cricket odds update instantly from the bet365 live odds feed for cricket. The bet365 odds are one of the most comprehensive markets available online. 

You can bet on such things as top batsmen, an individual player over or under runs-scored, the number of 6s in a match or tournament, best bowler, method of the first wicket and much much more. As a bonus bet365 even offers virtual cricket matches running every 4 minutes, 24 hours a day.

Bet365’s cricket betting app. is tops all others.

Cricket Betting

Betdaq Cricket Odds

Unfortunately, Betdaq cricket odds are not available in India. Betdaq is not licensed to promote any of its sportsbook markets in India. As such India, based players will not be able to access the Betdaq live cricket odds. 

If you are outside India, you can access the Betdaq betting site. However, we do strongly suggest avoiding this site. The odds are consistently poor for many markets, and we can not recommend Betdaq for cricket betting. Check our best cricket betting site list for the top cricket sites.

Betfair Cricket Odds

Betfair offers extensive odds when it comes to all the major cricket tournaments such as international cricket – Tests, ODIs and T20I and premier T20 cricket leagues such as IPL, BBL etc. However, the domestic List-A and the first-class tournaments are not covered that extensively. Betfair has an exchange and a sportsbook.

The odds are generally higher on the exchange but sportsbook betting does not need you to pay commission on your winning amount.

10Cric Cricket Odds

Like many other bookmakers, 10Cric provides odds for international cricket formats such as Tests, ODIs and T20Is. Being an India focused site, it covers IPL cricket extensively along with other T20 leagues such as BBL, PSL etc. 

10Cric is one of the best IPL cricket betting sites.

Cricket Betting

10Cric provides pre-match and live cricket odds. It covers the major bets such as the match winner, toss odds, most run outs, highest opening partnership along with other bets such top batsmen, top bowler etc. 10Cric’s odds coverage is as extensive as any other betting site focused on cricket.

Betway Cricket Odds

Betway is one of the top betting sites that provide extensive cricket odds for Tests, ODIs and T20I and the major T20 leagues such as IPL, BBL to name a few.

Betway is focused on cricket and provides pre-match and in-play live cricket odds. It covers all the major betting markets like the match winner, the toss winner along with side bets such as score after 1st innings, score at the end of the over etc. 

A 5 star online cricket betting site.

Cricket Betting

The odds provided by Betway are considered as one of the best in the market. To attract users from all parts of the world, Betway cricket odds are offered in various formats such as decimal, fraction and american.

Cricket Betting Odds Frequently Asked Questions

How are cricket betting rates calculated?

Cricket betting rates are nothing but probabilities turned into percentages. Cricket betting site also considers its margins (or profit) while setting the betting rates.

What are the odds in cricket betting?

The odds in cricket betting are derived to represent the probability of an event happening. The lower odds suggest higher probability and higher odds suggest lower probability.

What is odd and even in cricket betting?

Odd and Even in cricket betting refers to a market where the bettor has to predict whether the final score of team will be an even number or an odd number.